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Anthony Coll


Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Metabolic Research Laboratories




Principal Investigator

Research Summary

My work focuses on the molecular mechanism controlling food intake and energy expenditure. Our current understanding of the central control of appetite has relied heavily upon mouse models and I continue to combine murine genetics and whole animal physiological studies to address these issues. I have a longstanding interest in the leptin-melanocortin pathway and in collaboration with colleagues in the IMS (O’Rahilly, Farooqi, Yeo) continue to use murine models to explore the biology behind genomic variants associated with metabolic disorders, identified through large scale human genetic studies.

My research is funded by the MRC.


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Endocrinology, Neuroscience

Selected Publications

Tung YC, Yeo GSH, O’Rahilly S, Coll AP. FTO and obesity;changing focus at a complex locus. Cell Metab 2014, in press

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