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Alan Robinson


MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit




Principal Investigator

Research Summary

Our group uses computer modelling and simulation to understand the metabolism of mitochondria, and its role in health and disease.

We also provide public resources to the mitochondrial biology community, including a dataware house of mitochondrial proteomics data (MitoMiner) and our mitochondrial proteome data set (IMPI) derived using machine-learning on experimental and computational data sets.


Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Systems Biology

Selected Publications

Chouchani, E. T., Pell, V. R., Gaude, E., Aksentijevic, D., Sundier, S. Y., Robb, E. L., Logan, A., Nadtochiy, S. M., Ord, E. M. J., Smith, A. C., Eyassu, F., Shirley, R., Hu,C. H.,Dare, A. J., James, A. M., Rogatti, S., Hartley, R. C., Eaton, S., Costa, A. S. H., Brookes, P. S., Davidson, S. M., Duchen, M. R., Saeb-Parsy, K., Shattock, M. J., Robinson, A J., Work, L. M., Frezza, C., Krieg, T. & Murphy, M. P. (2014).
Ischaemic accumulation of succinate controls reperfusion injury through mitochondrial ROS.
Nature, 515, 431-435.

Gai, X., Ghezzi, D., Johnson, M. A., Biagosch, C. A., Shamseldin, H. E., Haack, T. B., Reyes, A., Tsukikawa, M. Sheldon, C. A., Srinivasan, S., Gorza, M., Kremer, L. S., Wieland, T., Strom, T. M., Polyak, E., Place, E., Consugar, M., Ostrovsky, J., Vidoni, S., Robinson, A. J., Wong, L.-J., Sondheimer, N., Salih, M. A., Al-Jishi, E., Raab, C. P., Bean, C., Furlan, F., Parini, R., Lamperti, C., Mayr, J. A., Konstantopoulou, V., Huemer, M., Pierce, E. A., Meitinger, T., Freisinger, P., Sperl, W., Prokisch, H., Alkuraya, F. S., Falk, M. J. & Zeviani, M. (2013).
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Smith, A., C. & Robinson, A., J. (2011).
A metabolic model of the mitochondrion and its use in modeling diseases of the tricarboxylic acid cycle.
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