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David Dunger


Department of Paediatrics, Metabolic Research Laboratories




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David Dunger is a paediatric clinical scientist with over 30 years experience in three key research areas.

1) Pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes (T1D) and its complications

In collaboration with Professor J Todd, Professor Dunger established the UK Genetic Resource Investigating Diabetes (UK GRID) collecting over 10,000 DNA samples from people with T1D leading to the identification of key diabetes susceptibility genes. In 2015 Professor Dunger became the Clinic Coordinator of an IMI-2 EU consortium (INNODIA 2012-2022) which will explore novel methods and new biomarkers for the early identification of T1D development and progression leading to innovative clinical trials.

In a subset of UK GRID his group established the Nephropathy Family Study (NFS) which complemented the earlier Oxford Regional Prospective Study of T1D (ORPS). These studies have identified the natural history of microalbuminuria and linked pathophysiology in childhood onset of T1D.  The group also secured funding from JDRF, BHF, DUK and Pfizer to carry out the first RCT of statins/ACE inhibitors in adolescents with T1D (AdDIT website) which was reported in 2017.

2) Perinatal origins of risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D)

Professor Dunger and his colleague, Dr Ken Ong, have studied genetic and environmental determinants of size at birth and early growth, initially in collaboration with ALSPAC but more recently through the Cambridge Baby Growth Study and collaborations with Mead Johnson. Important discoveries have been the influence of fetal imprinted genes in determining maternal BP and glucose status; the critical role of ‘postnatal’ catch up growth in determining risk for T2D and MS; the role of lipidomics in determining risk for T2D during early pregnancy and identifying metabolic effects of breast/bottle feeding in the newborn.

3) Experimental Medicine

David Dunger is an international expert on the metabolic effects of the growth hormone/insulin like growth factor-1 axis. He led the first studies of rhIGF-1 in T1D and more recently subjects with severe insulin resistance.  His physiological studies in collaboration with Dr K Beardsall also led to the first studies of insulin replacement in the very low birth weight infant (NIRTURE: NEJM 2008) and participation in the FP7 study PREVENTROP exploring the use of rhIGF-1 in this population.

Collaboration with Professor Roman Hovorka (a mathematical modeller) has led to an impressive series of physiological studies exploring the use of pumps and glucose sensors in subjects with T1D and his work has lead to Cambridge becoming a world leader in the development of closed loop insulin delivery systems (the artificial pancreas).


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Clinical Trials, Endocrinology, Genetics, Medical Devices and Therapeutics

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

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