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Stephen O'Rahilly


Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Metabolic Research Laboratories


Professor Sir


Principal Investigator

Research Summary

I have a long-standing interest in the aetiology and pathophysiology of human metabolic and endocrine disease and how such information might be used to improve diagnosis, prognostication, therapy and prevention. I have a long-standing, close, collaboration with Sadaf Farooqi, Tony Coll and Giles Yeo, which focuses on Mechanisms in disorders of energy balance.

In these studies, we use human genetic and physiological approaches, accompanied by studies in cellular and animal disease models to better understand the biological causes of highly penetrant forms of human obesity and also the mechanisms whereby more common genetic variants predispose to common forms of obesity. This work has been incorporated into a research programme at the MRC Metabolic Diseases Unit (MDU) which formed in 2013.

I hold a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award focused on Mechanisms of Human Insulin Resistance. In this work I collaborate closely with David Savage and Robert Semple. We use human genetic and physiological approaches, accompanied by studies in cellular and animal disease models to better understand the biological causes of extreme forms of human insulin resistance and also the mechanisms whereby more common genetic variants predispose to common forms of the metabolic syndrome.

Both of these programmes benefit greatly from extensive interactions with Ines Barroso and with Nick Wareham and colleagues in the MRC Epidemiology Unit within the IMS.

More recently I have developed an interest in canine models of metabolic disease and in certain hormones of the gastro-intestinal tract (in collaboration with Fiona Gribble and Frank Reimann).


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Clinical Trials, Endocrinology, Genetics, Medical Devices and Therapeutics, Translational Medicine

Selected Publications

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